Kimber Pro Carry II Car Mount Holster

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[update 07/31/2011]
Kimber makes awesome firearms. This 1911 pressed vehicle mountable holster fits all Kimber firearms.

[update 12/28/2009]

  • We've got materials to make about another thirty holsters, and then the sale will be over!

Last week we got the prototypes of the car mount holster mounts in from our engineering partner, Texas Engineering Systems!  We took the prototypes and manufactured a new Easy Rider holster for one of our Kimber Pro Carry II .45 acp pistols.  The result? Fantastic!

Kimber 1911 in Mountable Surface Holster

This holster is all about easy draw, easy access, it is for those people who maybe drive large trucks so concealment isn't an issue and who have few passengers so nobody else has a problem with it.  All of that being said, if you want ready access to your firearm while you're seated in your car, then this is the answer.

The prototype mount provides ample space for your hand to easily grasp the handle, and in a split second draw and fire your handgun.

We've sent the final design off to manufacturing and are looking at a six to eight week lead time until we will be producing these for resale.  Don't hesitate to email me: [email protected] and put your name down with your gun if you're interested.  We may need that lead time to make the  mold for your gun anyways!

Here are some more pictures of the results before and after mounting the holster to my car seat. Everything here was black, black gun, black holster, black mount, black seat, black carpet, almost everything so we lightened up the pictures so you can see the holster better, I swear, my arms aren't that white naturally ;).

We'll make this holster in black or brown and for right or left draw for mounting to your car seat, center console, inside glove box or even under your steering wheel! The holster comes with a complete mounting kit, everything you should need to secure the holster in your car in minutes.

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