Springfield XD40 Compact

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This gun is touted as one of the best carry pistols around due to its size and weight. It also features two safeties. A grip safety and trigger safety.

A custom car mountable holster is now available for the Springfield XD40 Compact! We hand make this holster, pressed to fit your XD 40 like a glove. This natural leather holster will mount to any interior panel in your car or any flat surface! Including under your steering wheel, in your glove box, or center console, or in your door panel. It will mount under tables, to chairs and to the side of your bed as well. This holster will fit all XD40 models including Compact and sub compact.

The same holster in light brown

This picture is slightly out dated, it is of our second generation holster. We only sell them by special request, visit the store page to see pictures of our latest holster design. Order one of these so we can take pictures of it and update the post!

Order your new holster today at our new online store!

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