Springfield XDM Compact Tundra Mounted Handgun Holster

Pictures of a Springfield XDM Compact gun holster mounted inside a Toyota Tundra. [gallery]

Mounted XD 9 Customer Photos

This Springfield XD-9 with a three inch barrel is mounted in a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. This is very similar in position to even a mid 90's 4-Runner. We want to give a huge thank you for sharing this information, and allowing us to pass it on. Here are some notes from our customer: During installation, we noted two things. There is a metal support bar that runs near the top of the plastic side panel. That bar prevented us from mounting the back of the holster any higher. We also could not hav...

XD 40 Car Holster Revisited

We've had a several XD 40s / Compacts / Sub Compacts Holsters leave the shop and I just never really get pictures of them for some reason. So here you go! Black car holster for the XD! Just like all our holsters, this holster is lock stitched, dip dyed top grain leather and machine pressed to fit the XD model. It is open ended and should generally fit all XD models.