Gun Holster Installation Cadillac SRX

Customer feedback: Received the holster for my Springfield .45 Ultra Compact recently, and installed it, today, in my2009 Cad. SRX - no problems.  Nice materials and workmanship, and a perfect fit on the weapon.  I opted for an outside left front, center console position, and had to mount it nearly as far forward as possible, so that my petite wife can get her seat as far forward as she needs it, and not jam the gun butt.  I have cut a piece of black terry-cloth to size, to co...

Mountable Holster for PX4 Storm

[gallery] All holsters come with a versatile spare magazine holder stitched to the back so you're less likely to run out of ammo. We support grip and frame mount lasers; rail mount lasers and flashlights get in the way and will need to be removed to use holster.

Taurus PT Mountable Holster with Spare Magazine

The Taurus PT lineup is fantastic, and we press holsters to fit these popular guns. This holster fits Taurus PT 24/7, PT 11, PT 111, PT 145, Millennium Pro handguns, and I'm sure any other models in the PT lineup that we haven't yet come across. If you haven't already, pick up a spare magazine, because after you order this holster you'll wish you had one. Tuck that spare magazine right behind the Taurus, it's like a match made in heaven, with room for your hand to make a quick draw too. Her...

Car Mount Holster Demo Video

I took a quick video since we had the console out of the truck anyways, just for ease of working area. The console comes out with a few screws and carefully disconnect the electrical. The holster is mounted with three screws, washers and nuts that come with the holster in the mounting kit.

Springfield, Ruger, and Taurus!

We've added a few new guns to the lineup. Get your custom pressed, leather, mountable gun holster now made for your Ruger LCP, Taurus .38 Special, and Springfield 1911 GI MicroCompact.

Revolver Car Holster

With the addition of a few revolvers to the press, we recently pressed and shipped this amazing car holster for a .38 revolver! We've had several requests for these in the past and we're happy to be able to provide these holsters now. The revolver pictured below is for a tiny revolver, you'll notice the press detail around the chamber. We test all holsters for draw capability, and this one both holds the gun nice and tight and allows for a nice draw.