Mountable Holsters Now Available on!

You've always been able to order your gun holster with confidence through our website, and will continue to be able to order through our website using PayPal and Google. Now you also have the option of ordering through You may visit our store on Amazon using this link:

Car Mount Holster Demo Video

I took a quick video since we had the console out of the truck anyways, just for ease of working area. The console comes out with a few screws and carefully disconnect the electrical. The holster is mounted with three screws, washers and nuts that come with the holster in the mounting kit.

Austin Gun Show This Weekend!

We're back! Gun shows are back in Austin and we're excited to be setting up for it this weekend. It should be a really good show, so we hope to see you all out there this weekend. All of our holsters are custom made so we will primarily have an information booth and some holsters that you can pick up and touch. One of the things we run into with selling such a unique product on the internet is that you don't really get a feel for the holster. Exactly how big it is, how does holster mount ...

Custom Car Holsters Glock Kimber

Austin, Texas (TCH) --Texas Custom Holsters Means Custom.  Solid as a rock - is how one customer describes a new, hand made car holster.  We realize that you depend on us telling you the truth about how we make each holster; custom to the exact pistol you have. Solid as a rock definitely describes the mounting system, a rigid custom engineered wedge, coupled with a dampening pad, machine screws and lock nuts.  We don't stop there though, solid as a rock also describes the feeling you get when...