Taurus PT Mountable Holster with Spare Magazine

The Taurus PT lineup is fantastic, and we press holsters to fit these popular guns. This holster fits Taurus PT 24/7, PT 11, PT 111, PT 145, Millennium Pro handguns, and I'm sure any other models in the PT lineup that we haven't yet come across. If you haven't already, pick up a spare magazine, because after you order this holster you'll wish you had one. Tuck that spare magazine right behind the Taurus, it's like a match made in heaven, with room for your hand to make a quick draw too. Her...

Revolver Car Holster

With the addition of a few revolvers to the press, we recently pressed and shipped this amazing car holster for a .38 revolver! We've had several requests for these in the past and we're happy to be able to provide these holsters now. The revolver pictured below is for a tiny revolver, you'll notice the press detail around the chamber. We test all holsters for draw capability, and this one both holds the gun nice and tight and allows for a nice draw.

Universal Mountable Leather Holster

Finally mounted! Universal Mountable Holster