Everything Fits - Your Kimber Included

Even when space is in high demand and short supply, that's no excuse. Keep your firearm with you in your car held nicely to the side of any console box. Leaving plenty of room for everything else, and ensuring that your firearm is always in the perfect position rather than flopping around and getting jammed under something. This Kimber holster goes out to a fellow Austinite. Thank you for sending us the picture!

Colt 1911 Car Mount Holster Ready to Ship

Hot off the press is this sweet Colt 1911 Car Holster, black.

Glove Box Car Mount Holster

I always talk about how possible it is to mount our holsters in tight places, including tiny little glove boxes and center console boxes! Well, I don't have a car with a small enough glove box so we took a glove box off of a 1980s 944 Porsche. I used to own one of these cars and so I know how tiny the glove box really is, it doesn't hold much, that's for sure! I would have loved to have one of these holsters mounted in my glove box back in the day check out how awesome this is! No flopping...