Texas Custom Holsters designs and manufactures car holsters for over 150 different handgun models. This page answers most of the questions that we get through our facebook page, car holsters store, email, 800 number and disqus comments. Feel free to contact us through any of those channels.

Do you make a holster for my ... ?

If you don't see your gun listed, don't worry. Chances are we can make a holster for it. Please email the details of your gun, or a link to the manufacturer's site and we will research it to see if we can press a holster for it.

I see lots of pictures for right hand draw, do you make car holsters for left hand draw?

This is really one of the primary things we do. We press the holster so that the gun fits exactly the way you want for your mounting situation. We will press it for under your car's steering wheel palm up or palm down draw for either left or right hand. For left handed people this is probably the best. We don't recommend mounting a gun to your car door because if someone opens the door the gun is kind of gone. You can also mount it opposite like a cross draw in your center console box in most cars.

What's in the Mounting Kit That You Can Exclude?

We do allow you to exclude the mounting kit during checkout. This is so that you can order multiple holsters and mount them with wing nuts so that you can swap holsters. Most of the time though you want the mounting kit. It includes the wedge shaped riser / mounting block along with the screws (machine screws and self tapping screws), nuts, washers and a rubber dampening pad to help the mount conform to curved surfaces.

Do you make a car holster for my handgun but with a rail?

We usually only have the mold without a rail. The rail really doesn't get in the way of the press at all, it will make the fit slightly tighter, but you probably won't even notice.

What about crimson trace laser or other laser attachments?

The crimson trace is fine. There are a couple different ones. If you have a grip laser or a laser attachment that fits behind the trigger then you're fine, don't mention it at all. If you have one that fits on a rail or clips to the front of the trigger guard then please let us know which you have specifically, or forward along the dimensions and we will add space into the press.

What about flashlight attachments?

Flashlights are too big. Our car holsters don't have any other retention devices except for friction. So with the light being so much wider than the gun it makes the holster loose no matter what really.

Can you tell me how to mount your holster at least 1" off the inside wall?

The angled mounting block lifts the handle of your gun approximately one inch off the wall. If you want a little more room you can mount a piece of plexiglass behind the wedge, or if you want a whole lot of room you can mount it with two wedges. You will need longer screws for that since it would be over three inches in total depth.

How can I avoid putting holes in my car?

Mounting your car holster to a piece of plexiglass or wood is a great alternative. You can cut a piece of this material to fit tightly into your console box or glovebox and then mount the holster to that. You can then install the whole thing into your car with a tight fit, usually nothing else will be required to keep the plexiglass plate in place since it is cut to fit. If you really need something more use a clip or small piece of velcro.

Under Texas law can a gun in your car be visible from outside the vehicle?

To my knowledge the answer is no, the firearm must be concealed. For instance if the gun is mounted by my knee, then while I'm driving my knee covers it, it is concealed. If I move or someone notices it then there could be a problem. Please do follow the law and take your specific situations into account.

Do you have a universal car holster?

Yes. We do offer our car holster completely un-pressed. This is a stitched holster, dip dyed and not pressed. This is fine for larger firearms, but doesn't work so well for smaller guns. Larger ones will fit well into the un-pressed holster cowboy style and over the time the leather will conform some around the firearm.

Can I mount the holster into a laptop bag?

Yes you can.