Our company's mission is to Ensure the future of The United States of America through the development of new and innovative products that assist citizens who choose to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Currently, we design and develop new and innovative gun holsters that are made to order. All of our products are Made in America.

We started out in 2008 as Safe Car Carry, but everybody thought we were a transportation security company. Not too far off since our gun holsters work in to help you protect your life, but we were not in the transportation business.

I renamed the company Texas Custom Holsters before handing over the reins to my father in 2012 so that I could explore the world. The company served its mission and customers well until the winter of 2017 when my father fell ill and could no longer continue operations.

In March 2018, I re-created the company, now under the name American Leathersmith to communicate that the company is still Texas and the at the same time bigger than Texas; that the company has expanded and changed yet we remain true to our commitment to skilled craftsmanship; to create high quality, refined products.

The original holster design continues to be branded as a Texas Custom Holster to show respect for and remember our origins. Our unique mountable holster design emphasizes accessibility with a versatile mounting solution and lack of extra retention devices.Texas Custom Holsters are pressed car holsters for over 150 different handgun models in either brown or black. These holsters mount in your vehicle, safe, bedside table, or wherever you desire to encase your firearm.