Holster Orientation and Mounting Guide

An up to date, printed version of this mounting guide will be included in your holster order, along with a complete mounting kit. Upon request, we will also include wing nuts so that your holster is removable. See our guide on mounting a removable holster.

This mounting guide helps describe the best locations to mount a pistol in your car.  Each holster is made to mount in a specific location with a desired draw hand which logically may be different than what we would traditionally expect.

Holster Orientation

All holsters are pressed in either a LEFT or RIGHT orientation. The orientation is shown below and refers to the side of the body that the flat side of the holster would sit on. Please take a moment to view the orientation below and match it with how you would mount the holster and which hand you would draw with. A holster pressed in the "RIGHT" orientation might be mounted to a panel to be drawn with the left hand, for example.

Common Mounting Options

You can mount this holster almost anywhere, but we like five mounting options:

  1. Left side center console, should be near the driver's right knee while seated comfortably (Left orientation to be drawn with the right hand).
  2. Inside console arm rest / storage box (Right orientation to be drawn with the right hand).
  3. Inside glove box (Right orientation to be drawn with right hand)
  4. Under steering wheel (Right or Left to be drawn with either hand palm up or down).
  5. On the front side of the driver's seat, this would put the gun under the driver's legs (Right or Left hand to be drawn with either hand)

The first three options can be made for a right hand draw only.  The last two options, under your steering wheel or on the front lower side of the driver's seat can be made for either right or left hand draw.  Under the steering wheel can be made for you to draw with your palm up or palm down in addition to either right or left hand.

When ordering your holster please indicate where you would like to mount your handgun / pistol, and what hand you would like to draw with.  If under the steering wheel, please also indicate if you intend to draw palm up or palm down.

Mounting Guide

Use this guide to help get your holster mounted in the desired position and avoid some pitfalls along the way.

1. Choose Location and Orientation

Be sure that your firearm is unloaded! We recommend holding the holster to the mounting surface with your firearm in it to be sure that there is enough clearance above, below and to the sides to holster and draw effectively.

Be sure to watch out for clearance of the console lid, or glove box door, or any other moving objects like ash trays, cup holders, CD players (ejecting CDs) and even the seats to make sure that all will still operate with the gun in place.

2. Hole Guide

Use the foam rubber gasket as your hole guide to help line up and mark where the holes go.

3. Mounting Hardware

Your holster comes with machine screws and matching lock nuts and washers. The nylon lock nuts may be fastened, removed and re fastened. If you plan on using the provided #6 machine screws, you may use a 1/8, 9/64, or 5/32 or similar drill bit. If none of those are available, test drill a scrap piece of material to find a bit that closely matches.

4. Mounting Your Holster

Be sure not to over tighten the screws! Over tightening can cause fracturing of the plastic car panel around the washers.

Installation only takes about an hour. In most cases no car panels need to be removed.