Concealed Carry Inside Chevy Avalanche

Clean, Accessible, Hidden. The Chevy Avalanche has a good sized console box, check out how this holster fits nicely against the inside wall of the box, holds a spare magazine and keeps the rest of the space available to hold other items without compromising the utility of the handgun. If you're going to have a gun in your car, this is the way to do it. Every single time you open the console box lid, your handgun will be right there, it won't be flipped over and underneath other papers, pens o...

2012 FX4 Console Mount Gun Holster

Thanks! Texas Custom Holsters for a GREAT Holster in my 2012 Ford FX4 console. Works, and Looks Great. I did have to add 1/4" to the back standoff. But other than that great.    

Mountable Holster for Springfield XDM

[gallery] All holsters come with a versatile spare magazine holder stitched to the back so you're less likely to run out of ammo. Grip and frame mount lasers are okay, rail mount lasers and flashlights get in the way and will need to be removed to use holster.

XD 40 Car Holster Revisited

We've had a several XD 40s / Compacts / Sub Compacts Holsters leave the shop and I just never really get pictures of them for some reason. So here you go! Black car holster for the XD! Just like all our holsters, this holster is lock stitched, dip dyed top grain leather and machine pressed to fit the XD model. It is open ended and should generally fit all XD models.

Glove Box Car Mount Holster

I always talk about how possible it is to mount our holsters in tight places, including tiny little glove boxes and center console boxes! Well, I don't have a car with a small enough glove box so we took a glove box off of a 1980s 944 Porsche. I used to own one of these cars and so I know how tiny the glove box really is, it doesn't hold much, that's for sure! I would have loved to have one of these holsters mounted in my glove box back in the day check out how awesome this is! No flopping...

Glock 36 Car Mount Holster

Beautiful car mount holster for the Glock 36 is fresh off the press! We finished this holster and took a couple of pictures at the shop today. complete with mounting kit, to be mounted by the driver's right knee. Remember, you are responsible for abiding by the laws of your state. Your gun shouldn't be left in your mounted car holster while you're not there, and you may need to take measures to conceal your car holster either by throwing a cloth over it, or maybe mounting the holster inside...

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Compact now produces car mountable holsters for the S&W M&P 40C!

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is currently a very popular compact handgun in the United States. Glocks contain an internal hammer and safety mechanism that is released by the trigger safety during a normal trigger pull. The Glock has a polymer frame making it lighter and more ideal for daily carry; it might also kick a little bit more than another handgun with a heavier frame. Pictures from around the web Texas Custom Holsters presses car mountable holsters for the Glock 19. This holster fits the Glock 19...

Walther PPK

A German handgun, this gun is the "James Bond" gun of choice. It is a small light weight handgun, .380 caliber, and is damn sexy. A car mount holster is now available for the Walther PPK/S! We hand make this holster, called the pressed to fit a Walther PPK/S. This natural leather holster will mount to any interior panel in your car or any flat surface! Including under your steering wheel, in your glove box, or center console, or in your door panel. It will mount under tables, to chairs a...