Custom Holster for S&W Bodyguard 380 Handgun

The Bodyguard 380 has to be one of the smallest handguns that we have. This gun fits just about anywhere so it is an ideal choice for conceal carry. It is hammer fired, double action only. I'm not sure it makes much sense to have a laser on such a small gun, but it is there if you need it. Here's a shot of the car holster: [caption id="attachment_999" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Custom Car Holster for Bodyguard 380"][/caption]

XDM Amazing Fit Holster

XDM 3.8 Mounted Gun Holster in VW Passat center console

Kahr P9 Compact and Sig P 239

We've updated the site to bring you two more guns to choose from for your next mountable holster! We're officially offering the KAHR P9 Compact and Sig P-239. Order yours today! As always if your gun isn't listed please let us know and we'll get it.

Console Box Car Mount Holster

A customer was kind enough to send in some photos of his console box mounted holster. This holster is mounted opposite of how we usually see them, so it is a left hand draw holster mounted in the console box. This mounting position, combined with the way the lid opens, keeps the gun very well hidden from passengers in the car, and also allows better usage of the console box. Items placed in the console don't travel over the firearm. [eshop_show_product id='253' class='hilite' panels='ye...

Glove Box Car Mount Holster

I always talk about how possible it is to mount our holsters in tight places, including tiny little glove boxes and center console boxes! Well, I don't have a car with a small enough glove box so we took a glove box off of a 1980s 944 Porsche. I used to own one of these cars and so I know how tiny the glove box really is, it doesn't hold much, that's for sure! I would have loved to have one of these holsters mounted in my glove box back in the day check out how awesome this is! No flopping...