XDM Amazing Fit Holster

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The holster making process takes some time, we actually do press the holster to the model that you order and we always strive for a snug fit. Our holsters use friction and proper fitting to keep your gun held in place, ready to serve. There are no retention straps getting in your way, and when mounted properly, no retention straps are required because the gun is held in place by the tight fit.

We love to hear back from our customers and try to share feedback with the community when possible. This is from a recent customer, along with two photos included below. Thank you for writing to us and sharing your photos!

The quality of your product and fitment is absolutely TOP NOTCH! The leather...the stitching...WOW! I seriously cannot believe how well my XDm fits in the holster. Totally Awesome! Also, the customer service and support you have provided is right in line with your product as well. You made it a very easy transaction and we appreciate you contacting us to clarify the order. Other companies would have probably just processed as is without making sure that it is what the customer really wanted. But you went above and beyond.



Edit 4/15/2011 - We bring you good news, this holster is now mounted in a VW Passat. See these updated pictures below showing the center console open and closed, fully concealed.

XDM Mounted Gun Holster 3

XDM Mounted Gun Holster 2

Thank you again for sharing these photos!

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