Mounted XD 9 Customer Photos

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This Springfield XD-9 with a three inch barrel is mounted in a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. This is very similar in position to even a mid 90's 4-Runner. We want to give a huge thank you for sharing this information, and allowing us to pass it on.

Here are some notes from our customer:

During installation, we noted two things.

  • There is a metal support bar that runs near the top of the plastic side panel. That bar prevented us from mounting the back of the holster any higher. We also could not have mounted it much farther forward (towards the pedals).
  • I mounted it as far back (towards the seat) as I could. I wanted to be able to reach the gun without having to lean forward in my seat. This however, allows some of the gun grip to be seen through the passenger window ... but ...
    a) you need to be looking for a gun otherwise you won't recognize the grip, and
    b) I usually wear dark or black pants so the grip blends in with my pants.
  • And now for the pictures:





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