A Gun in That Console?

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In Texas we seem to want our guns to be out of sight at all times, and that includes while you're driving in your car. That immediately highlights a few places that we would like to put our guns like in the glove box or, even better, in the center console. The best place for your guns in your car depends heavily on the car, how is the console designed? How is the dashboard designed under your steering wheel? How big is your glove box?

We're always looking at ways to safely carry in the car here at TexasCustomHolsters.com and we've decided to go ahead and mount a handgun in a center console. The only problem now is that none of our vehicles have a console big enough to hold a handgun and still close! We have a few close friends and maybe even a relative or two that would, maybe, consider letting us test this out, but we decided there has to be an easier (and less risky) way to try this out.

So we went down to our local junk yard, Austin Vee Dub, because hey, if we we're going to buy a console, we might as well buy a cool one right? Yeah baby! After a few short hours of scouring the yard, we came upon the perfect specimen.

Center console arm rest and cup holder from a Mercedes something or nother

This is actually a pretty small console arm rest. That's why it is so perfect! This option isn't only for those of us with large trucks or SUV type vehicles, although, when we first asked the very nice people at Austin Vee Dub, they did mention we should try a large Truck or maybe a Van. At any rate this is now our test console.

Admittedly it is small, and so we chose to mount a holster for a small gun or a medium to small gun. For this experiment we chose to mount a Glock 19 - 9x19 into the center console. One thing that I don't have pictures of is the tray that used to be below the lid, so ok, for this to work we had to remove the tray, which came out by removing two tiny screws. Not a big deal. Once the tray was gone the Glock fit nicely into the console.

I'll create a step by step and include it for anyone considering buying one of our holsters for this mounting situation, but here are some pictures of the final:



The pictures aren't in any particular order. The holster is fresh off the press from our new Austin based shop, check out our store for more information on the holster.

Of course, if you put this back into the car, with the rest of the interior things would probably get a little cramped, once you pop the lid on the console, it is likely to actually be in your way as you try to maneuver your elbow around to grasp and draw the pistol. You are also limited as to how much of the gun's handle you can actually grasp.

Even with these drawbacks, having the holster securely mounted in the console also has many advantages over letting your gun flop around in there loose! You at least know how to draw the gun and where it will be. You can also continue using the rest of your console without fear of burying your handgun under your wallet, or phone, or lipstick, or your favorite {insert item here}.

Total mounting time was approximately 20 minutes. Possibly would add a little time if you're in your car for cramped space and getting your seat out of the way so you have access to the side of the console.

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