Walther P99

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The Walther P99 is definitely a modern firearm with a host of features that will make it really work for you. It has an internal striker, and I must admit that I'm a fan of external hammers because I feel like I know the state of the gun. Not only does the striker tip protrude from the back of the slide, this one features a chamber load indicator. Aside from the safety mechanisms, this gun will literally adapt to you.

[caption id="attachment_108" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Car Mountable Holster for your Walther P99"]Walther P99 Car Holster[/caption]

Car holster is now available for the Walther P99! We hand make this holster, called the Horseshoe Holster, pressed to fit your P99 like a glove. This natural leather holster will mount to any interior panel in your car or any flat surface!

Including under your steering wheel, in your glove box, or center console, or in your door panel. It will mount under tables, to chairs and to the side of your bed as well.

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