Mountable Gun Holsters That Are Incredibly Easy to Install

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When installing a gun holster in your car, there are a few things to consider about your car's interior. No matter if your car's interior is curvy, flat, roomy or compact, you're pretty much guaranteed that there isn't a large flat plate in the perfect location made specifically for your gun holster.

This means that when you do find a good location, the panel is most likely going to be made out of a thin plastic material never intended to support a holstered firearm. Now, if you've ever tried to secure something to a thin plastic panel, never mind an expensive interior car panel, this is no doubt a cause for concern.

This sounds like a daunting task. If your car manufacturer isn't going to produce a panel made for a holstered firearm, then finding a holster made to mount to your car's interior panels is the next best thing. That is exactly what our holsters are made to do: mount to a semi-flexible, curved, thin material in an odd location, and provide for rapid draw and holster action.

This proved to be a great solution for this Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm:

I am incredibly happy with how it mounted. Absolutely perfect place and incredibly easy to install. I will definitely be telling others about your work! I appreciate you being so available to reach by phone and returning my calls quickly. Finished product is A+++

And here are photos of the installation:

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Thank you very much for sharing these photos with us and allowing us to post them! As always feel free to comment below, call or write us your questions, and if you don't see your firearm listed, tell us about it!

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