Vehicle Mount Holster with Spare Magazine Holder

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OK, You all told us what you wanted and We LISTENED!


Spare magazine mount inside your Holster. You wanted to be able to carry more rounds that you could access quickly and now it is available for you. Never fear running out of ammo again, always keep your spare magazine with your holster tucked neatly behind your firearm.


Spare magazine holders on all holsters are rare, be them IWB, concealment holsters, mountable holsters, or otherwise. Mostly because magazines are kind of bulky, and where do you put it? Do you put it on top of the holster, behind, in front, under neath? No matter where you decide to put the magazine, it adds weight and bulk. Neither are very appealing to the end result.

We were hesitant to add a magazine holder for years because we were unwilling to compromise the product and experience that you get when you draw your firearm. We maintain that those two things are the most important features of this vehicle mount holster. You must be able to quickly and effortlessly draw your firearm, and you must have confidence in the holster to be mounted securely and hold your gun correctly.

You kept asking though, and so we kept looking for a solution. Well we finally found one! Our unique vehicle mounting system affords a solution that nobody else has, or can even do. We didn't even see this solution for the longest time! Our mount creates space behind the firearm for your hand to reach effortlessly around the grip and draw. After pouring over the mount, looking at it from every angle, and many, many trial runs, we found a location and angle in that space that holds the mag and doesn't detract from the room required for your hand to be able to draw. This creates a balance in the holster and without adding any additional bulk or requiring any additional room, you may now carry a second mag right there with your gun.

This is the perfect uncompromising addition to our holster design. It is the first major modification that we've made since finalizing the holster mount in 2008. It is also a modification driven by customer requests, by your requests. Thank you for being persistent, for communicating to us, presenting your ideas and thoughts and being patient with us while we innovate the product.

WE ARE HERE to deliver the product that you want, and we are happy to announce this enhancement to these fabulous vehicle mountable holsters. All holsters pressed henceforth will automatically have this feature, and we would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us on this page, or email us about your experiences with the holster and magazine holder.


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