Bedside Mounted Holsters

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We make holsters that help you keep your guns in a ready-state, ready with only a moments notice. This applies to all situations in life, and importantly to traveling in your car when you're seat belted in (kind of vulnerable), and when you're sleeping in your bed (also kind of vulnerable). You've seen plenty of posts on this site about the former, keeping your gun in your car in a place where it could actually serve you when you need it, this is a post about keeping your gun in your home, in a place and state where it can actually serve you when you need it.

We are so happy to be able to share the following pictures with you. When it comes to maintaining a firearm in a ready-state in your bedroom, there really aren't many options and most of us revert to the default: holstered in a drawer in a bedside table. This default option is as clunky as keeping your firearm holstered in your glovebox where it will move around, and you have to do several things to get to it, and unholster it, which usually require use of both of your hands. By the time your handgun is actually ready to serve you, it's too late.

This customer adapted our holster mounting system in a unique way that provides fast and easy access to a handgun held securely against the side of his bed. A truly optimal solution requiring only a simple one handed motion to reach and draw the firearm. So much better than loose under your pillow, or locked in a bedside drawer. A huge thank you for sharing these pictures and allowing us to in-turn share them with our community.




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