Removable Swappable Holster Mounting

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We get requests from time to time for a removable holster mounting system. Sometimes people don't want the holster in their car when they know that they're going to have certain people over, like maybe your mother-in-law doesn't approve or something and she's visiting for the weekend.

The other request we get is to be able to swap holsters for different guns. Sometimes you want to have your Desert Eagle by your side and sometimes the Glock 17 is a better match.

In any scenario, just let us know that you would like to have hardware allowing you to remove the holster and we'll include three wing nuts in the package. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll save some typing and include a few pictures showing how to mount your new holster so that you can remove it without removing the actual mount (which in no way looks like a gun).

Removable Holster

Feel free to call us or email us, or post a comment; send us your questions and ideas!

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