XDM Car Holster in Avalanche Console

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These pictures are inspiring and we thank you for taking the time to capture them and send them over. This is really what we're all about, we love hearing from you, it is through you, your feedback, that we create products making travel safer for everyone.

In case you're out there wondering what it looks like to mount your holster in your console, this customer did a fantastic job and was kind enough to share his experience. This is what he had to say, pictures below:

Got my holster and mounting stuff today. Took about 1 hour to install. Looks good and works just like you said. This is mounted in a 2008 Avalanche in the center console. I used the long screws because the short ones were to short. As you can see I then cut off the extra length and install some screw caps so nothing will get hung up on the screws. Thanks again and I will pass your cards along to my friends.

Avalanche XDM

Avalanche XDM

2008 Avalanche Center Console Mount

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