Concealed Carry on Campus

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Drug free. Weapon free.

We all want our educational institutions to be free of any possible negativity. These institutions provide a launchpad for the next generation helping them carry our nation forward to thrive and lead the world. Many campuses across this country operate like a city within a city providing their own housing, food, health care, counseling, and police force. Everything you would find in a city can be found on campus.

So when it comes to the safety of these campus citizens, are we doing enough? Are we restricting too much their ability to protect themselves?

When it comes to the safety of each individual in this country we already realize that The Country, the state, the city, the campus, not even the county or neighborhood can be there to protect you all of the time. Just like the old saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time; nor can you protect all of the people all of the time. Thus, we maintain that individuals have the right to protect themselves, and we work hard to protect that right.

How does this differ in a campus, learning institution environment? What are we worried about causing us to restrict the presence of firearms on campuses? What about the restriction on carrying a firearm in your car while your car is on campus grounds?

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