Concealed Handgun: Liability or Asset?

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A certain percentage of any governed people must be armed, equally to their government. We maintain that right, we carry arms, we have those in our homes. When we decide to carry a concealed weapon, such as a concealed handgun, we do that for more immediate reasons, namely to protect our lives. In that regard, we would say that a concealed handgun is definitely an asset! It is the ultimate weapon, and carrying concealed can give you an enormous advantage in any hostile situation.

When we make that decision, we bare a certain burden. We are wholly responsible for that weapon, abiding by the law, and using the gun in such a way that it may save our lives, and at the same time keep ourselves out of jail. The law imposes a certain set of liabilities on our choice to carry.

So the answer is both! But just like in the scene in Kill Bill we have to feel one more than the other! So which one do you feel more? Liability? or Asset?

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