The 5 Best Places for Your Car Holster

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Your gun holster should be securely in place and ready to draw no matter where you put it in your car. Letting it flop around and potentially come loose isn't a good option, so best to secure it in place with a permanent mount or something removable like velcro.

Given that, where should your gun go in your car? Counting down from 5 to 1 here are the best places to put your gun holster in your car.

5. On the Inside of Your Driver Side Door Panel

This is a great place for your handgun and it is where I had mine that one time that I was pulled over and the police offer's buddy (the one that walks around the car) ultimately shined his flashlight on and shouted, as if he discovered gold, "I see it!". Really it is quite concealed here. The only drawback is that if someone opens your driver door somehow, your gun becomes unreachable.


4. Mount your gun holster inside your glove box

This is a really good spot and inside your glove box, you have many options. If the box is big enough the holster may fit on a side wall. If not it will definitely fit on the bottom or top panel (mounted inverted). The only drawback to mounting the holster in your glovebox is that reaching it will be a stretch for the driver.


3. Under Your Steering Wheel

This is a very popular place to mount your car holster. It checks all the boxes. It is mostly concealed, easy to reach, and in most cars some kind of strap can be used so that you don't drill holes into your car's interior.


2. Inside The Center Console Box

Right inside the center console box is my personal favorite (assuming that the box is big enough and the lid opens correctly allowing you to easily draw the firearm. It is just perfect. Your gun will be completely concealed inside the box and right next to you the hole time, like your guardian angel.


1. On the Console Bump by the Driver's Right Knee

Not for the faint of heart. Your knee will cover the gun most of the time, but fairly often the gun is probably considered not concealed. However, what you give up in concealment is made up for in accessibility and that's why this spot is our number one. (ahem, if you're right handed or can shoot with your right hand) - You just reach your arm out and make the most natural draw and your gun is right there. Mounting your gun holster to this car panel provides, by far, the fastest, easiest access to your gun.



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