Holster Color Chart

The first and only mountable leather holster comes in a variety of colors! This holster mounts securely to the platform of your choice: car door panel, center console, glove box, under steering wheel, or even in a safe.

You may still see references to different shades of colors on the site, and by all means, please specify if you would like a lighter or darker shade with your order, however, as leather tends to absorb dye differently each time we cannot guarantee any particular shade except for one: black. Black is black, and our black holsters are a pure soft black color.

Glock 26 Car Holster
Glock 36 Car Holster

From left to right the colors are:

  • Black
  • Mahogany
  • Brown

That Mahogany color picture didn't come out well. If you have an interior that blends better with a mahogany color holster, feel free to order it and we'll send some updated pictures for you. We just don't get very many Mahogany orders.

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